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HeartsInvader777 | Videos (0) | Channels (2) | Favorites (9) |
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Great to have you with us PA

Posted 13 years ago

kola | Videos (150) | Channels (4) | Favorites (0) |
Friends (1)

Welcome to all. Enjoy! I myself have to admit that I'm quite new to this great Veoh. Are working on... with the stuff! Hopefully soon I'll be ready to expose my 1st video. What about? It will be, probably about few subjects, such as; 1 - Philospical Horror 2 - Religious Far Way 3 - Beyond It All (Learn forgotten IT) 4 - How Masters live; what they eat, what FREE from them 5 - THSQuest... reflexts all about great problems & dilemmas of faithful ideas belonging to meaninglessness But for now I say; Enjoy the visit & welcome back! This is a great place to be. This is where the future to see & to watch as it is will be exposed only this way! Thanks! See you soon!

Posted 13 years ago

kola | Videos (150) | Channels (4) | Favorites (0) |
Friends (1)

What is out-most powerful if not the realization of unrealized goals of highest values? Those are no others that to bring the entire Humanity to one & the same historical overview and understanding. The question remains; how to bring this most needed honourable act? What is the KEY to that? It can’t be anything else than correct knowledge. This is to answer, this will be done! The MOVIE soon to see will be about that. From Master of the Mystery, from the questioners centres delivered; THSQuest. Forgotten oldest truth – the secrets of common Seders in spite of what beliefs says - is just the tip of the iceberg already heating up, when this will be exposed – on VIDEO shown – its for sure then will be much shaky everywhere in the world… This is what I tell you the NEXT and next & next will be as the most revolutionary themes…

Posted 13 years ago

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August 7


Frederikshavn, North Jutland

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14 years ago

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Songwriter, lyricist, poet, musician; THSS & MM Teacher: literature resarcher; plain truth revealer & deliverer; sophisitcated issues, true art developer,


music, all arts, sophisticated books & litterature: science, philos, mysticism, kabbalism, gnosticism, religion researcher...


Shows, music, entertainments...


Documentaries, history-facts, entertainments...


JAZZ, JAZZ, JAZZ... + all original modern styles... To many among the greatest name to mention...

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