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Veoh turns the vast universe of Internet video into a high-quality, personalized TV experience. Whether it's television shows from major broadcast and cable networks, high quality content from independent made-for-Internet studios or popular independently-produced videos from across the web, Veoh delivers it all.

Veoh's audience is young, influential, and highly engaged. Each month, Veoh delivers:

  • More than 28 million Unique Users worldwide
  • More than 350 million video streams
  • Over 52 million hours of video
  • Over 100 minutes average time spent per visitor

For advertisers, Veoh offers compelling ways to reach and engage with this audience across all types and lengths of content through targeted, innovative marketing solutions. Whether it's high impact takeovers, targeted display and in-stream video ads, or integrated custom sponsorships, Veoh has the advertising solution for your brand.

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