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The Veoh Men's Club

An official group for the guys of veoh, invite your male friends and feel free to discuss anything. A place where guys can be guys and start useless chats or just be silly. Feel free to add ANY kind of videos you like, Dont forget to join in any discussions posted.

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added: 11 yrs ago
updated: 11 yrs ago


Now heres a couple of ?'s bout u n a fat 20 of tha good shit. 1. Would smoke it in a zig zag, blunt, pipe, or bong? 2. If in a blunt, wat flava? 3. Do u add a lil somethin before u smoke it? 4. Who would u n wouldn't u share wit? 5. Wat do u do wen a known scavenga shows up 2 ur lil sesion? 6. Wat u like 2 much on afterwards? 7. Wat was that stupidist shit u heard from someone who was high? 8. Did u eva get busted in school? 9. Did u eva get busted by ur parents? If yes, wat happened 2 u? 10. Did u eva get busted by 5-0? If yes, wat happened 2 u?

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added: 11 yrs ago


#1. Blunt #2. Rasberry #3. Angel Dust #4. Wit my boys n lil bro, never wt this punk bitch Aaron from around tha block. #5. Beat tha mofo wit my belt. #6. Puffy Cheetos. 7. "I wonder wat it be like if Barney had a evil twin?" #8. Naw, 2 smart 4 that 2 happen. #9. Yeah, my mom found my stash, she sold it. lol #10. Yeah, got locked up over night, fined, n did community service. I only did community service cuz I took a swing at tha cop. LMAO Good times.

added: 11 yrs ago


Daaayum bro u fuckin pro XD LMAO!!! u done it all, livin life as 4 me ill admit i try nd stay away from it, drinkin is where i be lol but once again...damn uz a pro XD

added: 11 yrs ago


lmfao well i dont smoke just that that shit is funny my boys do tho they always smoke n got that shit on them lol

added: 11 yrs ago


dam dude that pro but i dont smoke and i will never i only drink but not always

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