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A place for Cult Movie fans to share information, tips and movies! B-Movies, Underground Gems, Classic Cinema, Grindhouse, Splattercore, Animation and much more! Get leads on hard to find titles. Share your expertise with others. Make yourself heard. This group is open to everyone.

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Comments are working again, wow

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Hi, Bizarro! I got to unjoin all my friends' groups on my profile for awhile! I tried a couple of other things that I thought had promise to reset my "Video add group listing" for my profile; but nothing else worked. So, I'm gonna unjoin for awhile to see if it indting. I got my TucsonArizona profile joined to yer group, here, for now, till then, Biz, buddy! Laters!

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is a movie about a nurse that takes care of two eccentric sisters. they set places at the table for their dead relatives. is suspence thriller dated in the 60's. takes place in an old dusty mansion. any help would be great.

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I don't know the name. I just some of the plot line.. It takes place in an old Boarding house,there is a young man peeping on some attractive female renters. His mother runs the boarding house and the final scene culminates in a really bizarre murder where one of the snooping female boarders finds her way into the young mans room and discovers a girl lying on a table that has been wrapped in clear plastic with a red substance(blood?) in clear plastic tubes being piped around her. He is performing some sort of ritualized sex/murder involving an egg. The movie has the rich colors of a 1960's-1975 horror with a Euro look to it. I caught the ending to this movie years ago and was instantly enthralled but never caught the title and have been looking ever since. Sound familiar to anyone?

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How do you feel about posting shortlived series that are hidden gems like firefly, or the Dresden files?

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bizarro999 manager

Just to get the ball rolling, what movies are you looking for right now? A hard to find gem? An out-of-print classic? Let the community know what you need, and maybe you'll find what you are looking for!

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