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  • *The Talk-A-Lot Girls Club*

    *The Talk-A-Lot Girls Club*

    Manager: chibola

    Hey!this is A GIRLS ONLY club,so if you're a guy,GET OUT!Anyways girls,here we can talk about ANYTHING!!from crushes to problems,weird stuff,and anime."WE'RE ALL FRIENDS HERE!ps:we dont judge bi/homosexuals

    • Created: 12 years ago
    • Updated: 1 year ago
    • Videos: 116
    • Members: 1426
    • Discussions: 5174
  • Meiji Era (All anime on Veoh)

    Meiji Era (All anime on Veoh)

    Manager: ShishioKagezuc...

    Just first episodes linked to full series and anime movies.

    • Created: 12 years ago
    • Updated: 1 year ago
    • Videos: 59
    • Members: 8574
    • Discussions: 3012
  • Manga Readers + Anime Fans

    Manga Readers + Anime Fans

    Manager: Freedomno1

    A group for all Manga Readers and ANYTHING ANIME Rules: Please be a active member! You can also invite friends too. But remember: Dont break the forum rules! Freedomno1 Feel Free To make topics ^^ And add Funny Videos Too

    • Created: 12 years ago
    • Updated: 5 months ago
    • Videos: 282
    • Members: 4687
    • Discussions: 2267
  • AMMG


    Manager: devmocchi65

    Hi everyone & welcome to my AMMG( Anime Music Mania Group). Rules for AMMG: 1) no episodes 2)no non anime related material(like porn) 3)only anime op/ed, anime AMV's or asian music(Jpop, Kpop etc) are allowed. Follow those three simple rules and you will be fine. Other than that hope u enjoy!!! :)

    • Created: 12 years ago
    • Updated: 3 weeks ago
    • Videos: 469
    • Members: 4973
    • Discussions: 2103
  • The Dark Angel Family!

    The Dark Angel Family!

    Manager: animelover398

    If your in this veoh family this please come in If your NOT then GET OUT or one of us has to deal with you if you mess with this veoh family of ours!!

    • Created: 12 years ago
    • Updated: 1 year ago
    • Videos: 39
    • Members: 55
    • Discussions: 1035
  • The guys/gals advice club

    The guys/gals advice club

    Manager: lalagirl3

    It's finally here! A club where everyone can get together and discuss their emotions, problems, get advice, make friends, and hey-we got anime! We won't discriminate against gender, religion, sexual orientation,race or any of that good stuff.Let the advice begin! ^ ^

    • Created: 12 years ago
    • Updated: 1 year ago
    • Videos: 22
    • Members: 259
    • Discussions: 873
  • Anime Universe

    Anime Universe

    Manager: h202

    Welcome to anime universe. you can talk freely all you want and i don't care what type of anime video you upload, as long as it is a full episode and is in english dub. you can invite all the friends you want to as well.

    • Created: 12 years ago
    • Updated: 1 month ago
    • Videos: 221
    • Members: 3833
    • Discussions: 850
  • Show off your Veoh page!

    Show off your Veoh page!

    Manager: animesaretooco...

    Hey~ Show Off Your Pages Here! Lol. You can also rate pages and save lots of cool images from them too!

    • Created: 12 years ago
    • Updated: 1 year ago
    • Videos: 70
    • Members: 4099
    • Discussions: 703
  • ~Numbers~


    Manager: Golum936

    I created this group in order for people like me to meet each other and talk about anime.

    • Created: 12 years ago
    • Updated: 11 months ago
    • Videos: 31
    • Members: 50
    • Discussions: 616
  • 2010's New Anime Zone

    2010's New Anime Zone

    Manager: rivera-ss13

    This group is for all the bad ass CURRENTLY AIRING anime out there! So post and discuss anything and everything about which ever of them u think is the best, worst, funniest, saddest, or just comment on the new episode!!! Only LATEST episodes and NO repeats, thanks! ^^

    • Created: 12 years ago
    • Updated: 1 year ago
    • Videos: 143
    • Members: 3686
    • Discussions: 597

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