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How much anime do you know?

think you know alot of anime? come tell us about all you know. Tell us about your favourite anime and the anime you hate the most.

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added: 12 yrs ago
updated: 12 yrs ago

decapitatedtoe manager

all anime i know are... kashimashi, tokko, love hina, girls bravo, please teacher, DearS, elfen lied, blood+, maburaho, gilgamesh, yumeria, Rozen maiden, DNangel, angelic layer, deathnote, naruto, bleach, all the gundams, da capo, fooly cooly, akane-iro ni somaru saka, kaze no stigma, shakugan no shana, shuffle, trinity blood, dokuro, trigun, spice and wolf, vampire knight, eureka 7, karing, please twins, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, noein, chobits, to heart, to heart 2, to love ru, hellsing, full metal panic, rosario + vampire(capu2 also), strawberry panic, higurashi no naku koro ni (kai). iv seen all episodes up to date for all listed. xD

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added: 12 yrs ago


kaze no stigma, Sola, Vampire Knight, kimi ga nozomu eien, elfen lied, death note, hellsing, spice and wolf, fullmetal panic, uta kata, strawberry panic, tsubasa chronicles, venus vs virus, kiddy grade, naruto, inuyasha, samurai champloo, itazura na kiss, naruto, fullmetal alchemist, gravitation, loveless, kiddy grade, spice and wolf, vampire knight, to love ru, innocent venus, gantz, E's otherwise, death note, chaos;head, kanon, ef ~ a tale of memories, tsuyokiss, zero no tsukaima, winter garden, suzumiya haruhi, bleach, angelic layer, rosario+vampire, hellsing, full metal panic, DN angel, love hina, onegai teacher, onegai twins, kimi ga nozomu eien (rumbling hearts), code geass, kyoshiro to towa no sora, macross frontier, rozen maiden, karin, inuyasha, shuffle, trinity blood, trigun, cowboy bebop, bubblegum crisis, chobits, venus vs virus, kannagi, soul eater, kuroshitsugi, clannad, school days, toradora, h2o, myself;yourself, school rumble, romeoXjuliet, true tears, air, fate stay night, .hack

added: 12 yrs ago

decapitatedtoe manager

O.O i feel so pathetic..... thats a nice selection thoguh have you seen all episodes for each of them?

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