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"I would SO turn lesbian for her! "Nee, kirei ni natta ne?""

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differentstory12 | Videos (21) | Channels (0) | Favorites (516) |
Friends (263)

I don't think I have your email, I'll send you the code for the BG through a message here ^_^ Love your Yossie badge by the way XD I barely check my profile at times too, usually I look for videos and favorite them XD But let me know if you have messenger, we can talk through there.

Posted 13 years ago

differentstory12 | Videos (21) | Channels (0) | Favorites (516) |
Friends (263)

Hey!!!!! XD It has been too long! How you been? About Milky Way, that song is too catchy! LOL With the tamborines! I like it! =P I really like Kikka from 8th gen auditions! Was the PV what made you like Koharu? lol XD About your bg if you still don't have the code, i can send it to you ^_^ Hmmm we need to catch up XD

Posted 13 years ago

daisukiyossie | Videos (1) | Channels (0) | Favorites (4) |
Friends (26)

hey whats up

Posted 13 years ago

differentstory12 | Videos (21) | Channels (0) | Favorites (516) |
Friends (263)

I love your BG too!! I couldn't post anything in your profile before. ?? But now I can! Weird... lol anyways sent you a message! ^_^

Posted 13 years ago

pocari26 | Videos (21) | Channels (0) | Favorites (65) |
Friends (92)

wow thats great you can make background like this! hey don't u think yossie is too skinny? i was watching Ribbon no kishi, its some kind of broadway musical done by MM. it was awesome, u gotta check it! see ya a round! -ma ta neee ^^

Posted 13 years ago

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Amber, but my friends call me Roxi

May 20



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14 years ago

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12 years ago

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Hi! I'm Amber, but feel free to call me by my nickname Roxi or my Cosplay Alias Hexi! I'm such a fan girl! I love all things Yossie and Aibon! Ok so i'm not japanese but i really wish i was, as you can probs tell i love Yossie from Morning Musume....or rather, late Momosu member T_T So i'm 17 years old, i live in the UK and Japan is my life. I'm into Anime and Manga and i love to cosplay. I hate boring colours, my theme to life is bright and beautiful. I'm taking a Fashion Design course at college, this coming year will be my last! I'm planning on taking Costume Design in University because i love theatrical costumes. My current obsessions include Japan, Yocchan and Momosu and trying to persuade my mum to let me get pet rats. please regard me kindly! Yoroshuku Onegaishimasu!


Yoshizawa Hitomi!! I'm such a fangirl! I love Horse Riding, and sewing, and reading and drawing and the internet and i love Momosu and Anime and Manga and pretty much anything else to do with Japan. i am obsessed.


Scrubs, Fairly Odd Parents....uhm...Simpsons.... i don't watch alot of tv though.... Become addicted to watching Hello! Morning episodes recently....but i can only understand the subbed ones. but that's how we learn right?


Memoirs of a Geisha, Finding Nemo....mostly comedy and romance.... Ribon no Kishi, Yossie's evil side is hott. i know it's not a movie though but it isn't TV either


Momosu, Ongaku Gatas, W, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Yui..... JPOP mainly, but i like the occasional rock group and stuff. NOT R&B, i'd rather die than listen to that sh!t

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