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pinayangel7892’s Details

July 8


vs, ny

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14 years ago

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11 years ago

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i am filipino n proud of from the philippines and i was born there....i used to live in manila philippines but i moved to the usa in 2000....i could speak tagalog ilocano spanish and english so i guess i kno 4 a little bit spanish and chinese so yea...i love sports like lacrosse, soccer, track, volleyball, and basketball....i play different kinds of instrument like electric guitar and acoustic guitar, electric keyboard,piano, viola,and violin....i love music im very creative i read manga watch anime....i like photography n developing it in black and white...i like filipino,american, japanese music eventhough i cant understand japanese im tryin to understand...i write poems and lyrics but they come out write in my head i sing it though n it comes out write.......i love my friends and i hate ppl who use others and ppl who talk behind there friends back cause that is just messed up..... i have family all over the world like in australia philippines england kuwait canada n usa so my family is all over the world....i like to go everywhere...i like to explore stuff...where i am ppl cares about wat other ppl say about them but me i dont really care wat u say about me cause i kno im unique n not a gurlie gurl but i could be but thats not who i am... like i told u like to play sports and instruments n so im me....i like to shop a lot i buy a lot of clothes but wen i buy clothes i have to buy sneakers.....i dont where heels n stuff cause those are like gurlie things or carry a bag or wear make up so wen u see me thats who i am...i only wear gurlie stuff to weddings cause that is a special ocassion...i have a myspace its if u ask me to b my frind i my decline cause i need to kno u face to face so yea but i might start a facebook so wen i get it ill tell u n ill probably except u....if u guys have screename is xxxwateryangelxxx in u want my aim just ask me


sports manga anime soccer lacrosse beckham and more


south of nowhere veronica mars paradise kiss naruto nana one tree hill woldfire hidden palms smallville degrassi instant stars beyond the break and more



everything except country

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