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"always look forwards to the next day becuase it will always be brighter rain or shine! always be happy and think how good ur life is beacuse someone always has a worst life!"

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how do you add a pic?

Posted 13 years ago

xxxTAMAKUNxxx | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (6) |
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WHAT. you think tybalt should die!?!? man, that just stabed me!! i'm drowning in blood again.. tybalt!! nooooo!! don't die!!!!!!!! WHO CARES ABOUT ROMEO!! gwagh!! romeo... needs to get beat up more!! ok not really... tybalt should just get his own show... and star in a shojo manga series... i love shojo manga... -_-... just.. in case you were wondering...

Posted 13 years ago

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i do alot of things and have done some things i am shameful for doing! hahah i like anime quad riding a lil fighting not much the ocasional 1 a month or so but i have to quite right now becuase i me and my freind were seeing how many times we could punch this metal sign and i broke my knuckle! i always talk to my freinds and we each have an imporatant wish mine is to see my 2 brothers and my father! but hahah don't care!


nothing realy interst me i mean i have my hobbies but even those are a lil boring!


mostly anime some other shows! like simpsons family guy and well the other one is well girly i got it from an ex gf its ok!


wel to many to say!


rock adult alternitive! linkin park, blue october,and a lot more! i hate rap and i kinda dislike country it kinda ok i will never be caught listening to hip hop becuase i also dislike that i am ok with every thing else!

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