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OgdenX | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (77)

I have this nagging feeling that you likely don't come on here anymore. XD

Posted 6 years ago

OgdenX | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (77)

Hey, how have things been? It's been a bit since we talked. In all honesty, it's almost like we're the only two here. Almost like it used to be a place where everyone lived and then just vanished and we're the only two who ever come back.

Posted 8 years ago

OgdenX | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (77)

It's been a really long time, but I was looking at e-mail and saw that you messaged here. How've you been?!

Posted 8 years ago

TigerLily888 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (7) |
Friends (5)

lol i just noticed what ur picture says FUNNY!!!! :) great one!

Posted 11 years ago

RicaRawr | Videos (1) | Channels (0) | Favorites (24) |
Friends (98)

Hey lol. I see your a twilight fan :] I am too. Hope we can be friends.

Posted 11 years ago

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13 years ago

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8 years ago

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i like to play tennis watch tv play video games and tease the crap out of my friends which is mildly amusing and i like to play with the cat i just got


I love music my favorite i guess is pop i think that's waht it's called i have no idea umm i like to doodle my friends like to call me "Nevermind" so yeah i guess that's it od and i like to play the guitar


my favorite show on air is the simpsons i like to watch inuyasha, full moon wo sagashite, megaman nt warrior, tokyo mew mew, two and a half man, house, bones spiral moonlight


i have a lot of favorite movies let's see ther's beauty and the beast (don't ask why) howl's moving castle shrek transformers national treasure #'s 1 &2 and there's probably more but i can't remember


i like to listen to taylor swift the spice girls (i just remembered that they existed yesterday) santana three days grace avril lavigne good charlotte and a few of tatu's songs

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