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"the 1 thing the dark and a waterfall have in common is that they both hide my tears"

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AGirlNamedZoey | Videos (2) | Channels (0) | Favorites (173) |
Friends (134)

do u like ur bg? i made it outta ur drawings!! ^-^

Posted 11 years ago

AGirlNamedZoey | Videos (2) | Channels (0) | Favorites (173) |
Friends (134)

do you like how i did ur bg?? i made it gothic style like you wanted ^-^

Posted 12 years ago

MewZakuroSan | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (26) |
Friends (14)

hey, pudding! it's zakuro-san. im on my second account ^-^ check out my profile! its 'super sweater'!

Posted 12 years ago

AGirlNamedZoey | Videos (2) | Channels (0) | Favorites (173) |
Friends (134)

>:-( ........did you click the refresh button...? did you delete the old codes BEFORE putting the new ones? did you copy the DIRECT LINK and not the URL? if you need more help, tell me ^-^

Posted 12 years ago

AGirlNamedZoey | Videos (2) | Channels (0) | Favorites (173) |
Friends (134)

umm...what you do is you take a pic from photobucket, copy the Direct Link, go to a this website: then you click 'click here to create your profile' next you put the Direct link in the Backround Image URL, add a positioned or tiled bg, click 'Finished? Click to generate' copy the code, go to Edit Profile on veoh, erase the codes in the big box on the bottom, paste the codes you just made, click Save Profile or whatever. and if it doesn't show your bg right away, click the Refresh button ^-^ don't have any idea what im talking about, do you? ^-^

Posted 12 years ago

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people say i'm weird well guess what their not wrong! i'm different and i like it that way i play guitar and i love to sing. sure i can be aliitle scary to people i don't like but whatever they don't like me . i'm a huge anime fan and i draw my own manga


Music, Video games, Gutair, Anything japanies, reading, writing, drawing, playing on the computer, ticking people off, any thing that is out of the ordanary or unhuman, twilight, manga/anime, singing. and snowboarding.


tokyo mew mew, mew mew Power, the meloncholly of harhi suzamya, naruto!!!!!the simsons, vampire night, and anything else basicly


naruto movies, school of rock, elf, anchorman, transformers, disturbia. (i don't care if i spelt it wrong) uhh..... i don't really watch or go to movies that offten.


**GREENDAY**, coldplay, anything from D.D.R, hellogoodbye, blur song 2, walking on air, catle in the sky, all the small things by blink 182, all the songs that the band play,Paramore, and every thing and any thing that is music

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