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  • MomokaXFuyuki-"Nobody"

    I found about the "Wonder Girls" about 2 days ago. And I like their songs. But, this son...

  • Giroro--Blow Me Away
    Giroro--Blow Me Away

    I made this during my absence off of the Internet. It is about Giroro. Nothing about Gir...

  • Keroro Gunso episode 161
    Keroro Gunso episode 161

    Another Keroro episode frm yours truly :D I hope you people like it!!! Enjoy~

  • Keroro Gunso episode 177
    Keroro Gunso episode 177

    Man, I wish all my episodes of Keroro had English subtitles TT_TT Oh well, Enjoy ^_^~

  • Keroro Gunso episode 150
    Keroro Gunso episode 150

    Man.... I wish I had this episode with English subtitles ^_^' Oh well, I hope you peoplz like it!!!!! Enjo...

  • Keroro Gunso Episode 188
    Keroro Gunso Episode 188

    This a newer episode of Keroro... YEAZ!! ^_^ I have only one thing to say, though.. Chibi plushies...

  • Keroro Gunso Episode 147
    Keroro Gunso Episode 147

    I have not seen this video here on "good ol' Veoh" (quoted frm YouTube), so here it is!!! I <3 this ep soo muc...


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