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  • Re-Enter the Dragon
    Re-Enter the Dragon

    After deciding to hire Wendy to work at DragonFire Films, Peter must negotiate with her pimp.

  • Mr. Dragon Goes To Washington
    Mr. Dragon Goes To Washington

    During his Capitol Hill testimony on film violence, Peter goes out of his way to antagonize the panel's conserva...

  • Dead Man Floating
    Dead Man Floating

    Following his death from a heart attack, Peter comes face to face with God. When his promise to be a n...

  • Dragon's Blood
    Dragon's Blood

    As he welcomes his daughter Georgia to the office on "Take Your Daughter to Work Day," Peter loo...

  • Love Sucks
    Love Sucks

    When Stuart suggests that actress Reagan Lauren Busch star in their new picture, Peter agrees and asks f...

  • Blood Money
    Blood Money

    As Wendy helps Adam with a bad case of writer?s block, Peter learns that he?s going to be a father again.

  • Blowhard

    As a result of all his hard work, screenwriter Adam Rafkin has been hospitalized. To help cheer him ...

  • Checkmate

    Benson and visiting Russian officials move into a hilarious duel of wits when an 11-year-old Soviet chess genius d...

  • Changes (Pilot)
    Changes (Pilot)

    Benson is searched by guards, soaked by sprinklers, attacked by vicious dogs, mistaken for the Rev. Jesse Jack...

  • First Lady
    First Lady

    Murphy's Law is operating full time when Benson tries to organize a reception for an important industrialist, ...


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