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"An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind. ----Bleach - Fade to Black. O_O Gahh the agony of waittinngg!!! >.<""------- "

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SweetTimmy | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (21) |
Friends (94)

hiiiiiii my sweet Vicky ^___^!!!! so SORRY for not keeping in touch.....just it has been a hard year, and I didn't get online very much,hope you'll forgive me T^T!!! Guess what???? School is over....I'm so relived, I was so tired of studying you can't imagine >_____<....what about you? hope to hear you soon xoxo ^_~

Posted 12 years ago

EmbieRochelle | Videos (21) | Channels (6) | Favorites (1757) |
Friends (667)

It was a lot of fun. Well, there was over a hundred people attending the party. ^^

Posted 12 years ago

EmbieRochelle | Videos (21) | Channels (6) | Favorites (1757) |
Friends (667)

Yeah, it is a lot of work. I can understand how you feel. ^^ Tired and getting ready to go to a party. How are you?

Posted 13 years ago

EmbieRochelle | Videos (21) | Channels (6) | Favorites (1757) |
Friends (667)

Thank you for accepting. ^^ Thankies. Since I loved the color pink and bunnies, I decided to do a theme off of that. I love your page. And your avatar is really cute.

Posted 13 years ago

Blood47 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (32) |
Friends (261)

Thanks yours is awesome!! lol how was your week?

Posted 13 years ago

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September 13


Travelling the Grand Line!

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13 years ago

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11 years ago

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Hi my name is Victoria. Vicky or Tori for short. I'm you're average teenager - Eat, sleep, drink and computer ^^ lol. I'd like to someday write a best selling novel, or become a psychologist. I would also like to visit, France, Rome and Russia.


I like to draw ( it lifts my mood^^). I like watching anime. My fav being Bleach&One Piece! I love reading books, anything from comedy, romance, fact, fiction and memoirs. I also love reading manga. I like photography and hope to buy a professional camera


Two and a Half Men, Family Guy, Futurama, Lost and 24!


300, Gladiator, Snatch, Italian Job, Shooter, Invincible, Four Brothers, Pulse, The Ring, My Cousin Vinny, Pulp Fiction, Running Scared, The Rainmaker, Terminator 1-3, Jurassic Park 1-3, Indianna Jones 1-4, Rambo and Rocky!!


I listen to all sorts of music. Anything with a good beat really. My favorite band would be Linkin Park and my favorite singer would be Leona Lewis. I don't exactly enjoy listening to rap or country but some songs are okay.

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