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"They say; "Time heals all wounds" But how can time work its magic, when it seems to be standing still??"

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starprincess983’s Details

May 14


Breda, NB

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14 years ago

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12 years ago

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I think I'm the average kind of girl, that doesn't get noticed a lot (or at all) by boys (or any person for that matter..) I like to keep everything to myself so I can control a bit what's happening around me... I think that's why I'm a bit of a loner, but I guess I'm okay with it, sometimes..


Actually, my only real big interests are television, movies,music and skate(boarding)... but I like to read fanfictions too!! there isn't a day that goes by that I don't read at least one story from one of my favourite shows, movies or books,,


I love television.... I'm an addict... I really need to go to rehab.. just kidding anyway, I love Charmed, Prison Break, CSI (NY), Bones, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, NCIS, Gilmore Girls and I guess a lot more, but I can't think of more at the time..


I'm also a movie addict... and I like a lot of movies.. like the Celestine Prophecy and Day after Tomorrow,, but also comedy, action, teenmovies and the ones where I can cry my eyes out...


I love music,, I couldn't live without it... I love Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, Simple Plan and Hawk Nelson,, they make such good music. And also with a story behind the song!! I also love Goodbye (I'm Sorry) from Jamestown Story a lot!!

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