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""Dont frown because its over... smile because it happened" ^_^"

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silentsoul47 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (1) |
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man i havent been on here for soooo long - srry for anyone i havent responded 2 i just stopped using Veoh... oh and dont message me cos i probably wont respond - my msn is thou ^^

Posted 12 years ago

BlackWolf01 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (104) |
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Posted 12 years ago

PhantomoftheDarkness | Videos (0) | Channels (14) | Favorites (630) |
Friends (63)

Wow, nice profile man.

Posted 12 years ago

gothica-and-stuff-crazy | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (30) |
Friends (40)

Hey do you want to be friends? ^_^ I sent an invite! I think... heh!

Posted 12 years ago

moonlightalice | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (841) |
Friends (510)

hey big bro how are u?? its been so long talking to u how are u?? i'm kinda bord but i have to sleep soon i wish i can talk to u more oh and i missed talking to u big bro...oh and i won't be on veoh for three day so i hope talk to u soon big bro...^^

Posted 13 years ago

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March 4



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12 years ago

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I'm quite tall 6foot, blue eyes, brown hair I'm never open about what im really thinking and i dont display outward emotions but I'm warm if u get to know me ;) ill happily talk to anyone about anything if they ask me and ill accept anyone as a friend regardless of anything except if ppl just send me an invite cos they want to increase their friends number - personally i think thats sad. I suppose im just another lonely soul looking for company but arn't we all - who really knows......... my favouite anime's are Air, Elfen Lied, DeathNote, Fruits Basket, Suzuka and Full Metal Panic - but so far - i still havent watched 2 much yet--------- I love anything Japanese and as well as trying to learn the language (impossible) i tend to spend time looking up stuff like the Japanese feudal era and traditions I thank anyone who helped me with my bg and colour sceme's and also anyone who took time 2 talk 2 me ^_^........... ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - ₪ - If u have msn and u want to chat tell me and ill give u my hotmail^^


I like many things but a few things more than others^^ iz my list - Films, Japan, writing stories, reading novlels and manga, anime, rugby, skiing, turtles, people who have kind hearts (ya i know it sounds lame lol) and anything Japanese ^_^


(^) i don't like american dubbing - im serious, it really annoys me (no offence to any americans), how can they get anime characters so wrong :o I only ever watch tv if there is a film on thou i would watch any arsenal game or the rugby world cup.


In essence i love all film. I feel as if i need to watch as many films as i can throughout my lifetime - love all japanese films (not just animation) and thrillers and romance - any film thats got good acting in is fine by me - Film4 rocks


I listen to Evanesence more than any other bands but i tend to find that only a very special few songs grip me and i dont like any one type of music, also i like anime music^^ make that, a lot of Japanese music as well- yea i just love the sound of it*

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