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hello, the name is Miyuki, but you can call me Miki :]. I'm a very well-rounded person I guess. I involve myself culturally and even run a culture club at my school [though due to certain circumstances have not been able to attend to recently]. I have a boyfriend IRL and we have been together for over a year [love ya babe].I enjoy many things and therefore throw the word 'like' around very freely.I'm a pretty decent person. So with that I conclude. Curious about more? PM me. *Disclaimer: though responses will vary*


Anything from reading, writing, drawing, singing, dancing, cheerleading, hello kitty, music, playing the violin, shopping[occasionally...I do not like the sensation of being poor], asian culture, and many more too :P I enjoy being well-rounded.


I do not really watch TV. I'd rather immerse myself in foreign culture and the internet life then "drain my brain" watching some of the most pointless things cartoon creators are showing these days.


Unfortunately I don't watch many movies because I'd prefer not to for various reasons, though recently I was extremely pleased with Avatar in 3D and Nine [the one with the "dolls"]. I'm looking forward to seeing Sherlock Holmes and Alice In Wonderland :]


I have a very wide spectrum of music I enjoy listening to. Anything that is J-pop, J-rock, Oshare or Visual Kei, K-pop, Ambient, Indie, Alternative, Rock, Techo, Electronic, and many more.

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