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skey42 | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (246) |
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well u will just have 2 wait and see well if u watch the naruto show u can see in 1 of the previews in naruto shippuden and a preview u can watch on voeh youtube or anything like that when naruto gets that purple tenckle throw his chest and the blond 1 screams it the frist previews u think it is naruto dieing and sasukra screaming but it is not that is all for now and i will tell more later on when the movie gets closer and closer 2 being on the comupter where evryone can watch :))))))))))))))))))0

Posted 14 years ago

skey42 | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (246) |
Friends (97)

do it because it was a A-RANKED mission and the 5 hokagea keep says no no but he still didn't lisson so then he said that he would take her and they left and the the 5 got pissed and naruto runns into so ppl that we all know and see before the BADDDDDDD ones and then he then that is when she finds out the he can go 9tails but rea;lyy he can only go 4 but u get wat i mean that he has the 9tails in him so anyway then he he only fights the guy who was in the 7 shobni swordsman and itatchi stud backed and watch nad was thinking about the girl why would just naruto be out here with her then he grabed her think if he was going 2 kill her then naruto would give up but he could hear or see wat was happening so naruto did some bad damage and the girl used her special power and then when naruto ganes conations or wakes i can spell lol then that is when she runs in the woods and he goes after her that is all i am go9ing 2 tell u

Posted 14 years ago

skey42 | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (246) |
Friends (97)

she has the power 2 fully reals the evil that u can see in the little previews or the the beging or ending of naruto episode after episode 24 and up but right now is @ 25 anyway and when she was young she was just like naruto ppl wouldn't play with her because somthing happened when she was a kid and nobody wanted 2 play or get 2 kno here even thow her faher was the king but still so she ran away from all that 2 see if she could start a new life but the the bad guys or the 4 evil knight's tryed 2 catch her but then she just got away from them and someone in the kohona village see her and got her so they ran back and i am not saying why and then she offered 2 pay a big amout of money if she could be reaturned 2 here village safly and naruto fould out about this by saukra-chan and he asked if he could

Posted 14 years ago

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