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Lusiamasterofpuppies | Videos (3) | Channels (3) | Favorites (33) |
Friends (144)

Yea, sumtiems, Veoh doesn't let you comment back on the comments by other people for reasons unknown to me >< but yea. So whutt's up? =]

Posted 13 years ago

furi-ku | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (18) |
Friends (59)

how come? ;o I more often get addicted to serious series, but I love comedies too xP Zetsubo..well I have yet to watch it but a friend have shown me some clips and it was all fun ;D what have you been up to?

Posted 13 years ago

Lusiamasterofpuppies | Videos (3) | Channels (3) | Favorites (33) |
Friends (144)

You seem have watched every Saiyuki thing I have haha. U commented on, like, everything I said, but I couldn't comment back cuz there was no comment link -_- but still =]

Posted 13 years ago

furi-ku | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (18) |
Friends (59)

a new house!!!? how is it? ;o aww how did you manage O.o *shivers* im as good as married to internet <3 76 ep sub ah ok, thanks for info ;p gonna finish a andom anime, and then watch Zetzubo Sensei or what's it called ;o after that, however, I may look at new gintama eps xD

Posted 13 years ago

furi-ku | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (18) |
Friends (59)

this was first j-drama I watched..but well I wouldn't call it drama, rather comedy ;p Gintama hm neh, when I found out much wasn't subbed I put it aside ;/ how long is the sub atm?

Posted 13 years ago

hanachanlove’s Details

January 3


In some town in some faraway place, California

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14 years ago

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12 years ago

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My anime/manga list: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recommend me an anime? Look at the link above before doing so though. :x it might give you an idea of what I like. (PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE if you wish to be my friend~) I love anime and manga. xP What did you expect? I've watched over 85 series so I can do basic recommendations and grade them (=_= don't expect expert-style grading you see in blogs or review sites..because) I'm kind of hopeless on that I love almost every series I watch. (..and I suck at grammar..chhh) <3 I like posting comments but I am sometimes hesitant when I post an opinion because I tend to regret it so much sometimes even though people don't care, really. -__- Geh Still, most of the time I do post... I play a couple of mmorpg games, but I don't log in often. (EDIT: I don't log in because I can't)


Anime, Manga, Animation, Webcomic, Korean Drama, Manhwa, Movies, Art, Drawing


I can rarely stick with dramas or tv shows for a long time. I'm currently watching Heroes, and amazingly I am around halfway done with the first season (which I think it amazing it kept my attention that long) but uhh who knows if I'll stick with it.


I like almost any movie I see. :3


I don't really search for music..>_> If I come across something I like, I listen to it, but I don't search for them.

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