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"Will i ever find the one that is just for me and only me that will love me because i'm me "

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TenTen143 | Videos (1) | Channels (3) | Favorites (35) |
Friends (711)

yea i remember about karin... n no me not uploadin any anime episodes :/ only some amvs i've made n such...

Posted 11 years ago

Serenity159 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (75) |
Friends (507)

Hmmmmm not talking me eh?? Or wait? Did I not repsond to sumthing u wrote and it looks like I'm not talking to u? Hmmmmm @.@ COOONNFFUUUUSSSINNNGG!!! Annnyyywaayy!!! Hi! How r u doing? It seems like forever since we last chatted...which was like a week ago! lol! ^___^

Posted 13 years ago

Serenity159 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (75) |
Friends (507)

Oooh! New bg?? I luv it! Ichigo ROX! I suppose I'm not. lol! This world has forgotten the meaning of love. Rather, they've given up on ever having a true lover. Girls think that guys like u only exsist in their dreams so therefore give up on ever meeting a guy like u. And when they finally do, they've already accepted reality and are past their dreams. They feel as though if they start to even try and believe in that dream of theirs, it will just hurt them more and make it all the more harder to accept reality. Okay....maybe that's too deep, but that's the way I see it. ^_____^ lol! That's kinda cute when you think about it. What do you think about her?? (u don't have to tell me if it's too personal, or sumthing along that line ^_____^)

Posted 13 years ago

Serenity159 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (75) |
Friends (507)

^___^ That's amazing!! I assumed you did! O.o I wonder why. Because I know most of my friends (girls) always talk about how wonderful it would be to have a guy with the characteristics you've shown so far, as a boyfriend. My response to that is usually, "yeah right. You're gonna find someone like that" and then I get into how the world has forgotten the meaning of the word LOVE. ^___^ But, you have proved me wrong! Apparently not everyone has forgotten love. That's nice to know! I know you as well will find that special someone just for u. There's no doubt. Thx! (I'm only 16, sadly. Soon to be 17...feels like forever though) ^___^

Posted 13 years ago

Serenity159 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (75) |
Friends (507)

That's very kind of you. ^___^ Thank you for saying that. I find it even more interesting that a male would would feel the way you do. I thought mainly females felt that way. But I suppose I'm wrong. ^__^ THANKS! lol I'm curious, and you don't have to answer AT ALL if ur not comfortable sharing, but have you found someone just for you? From the way you speak I would assume so!

Posted 13 years ago

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stevie aka duby last name um not important LoL XD

May 5


some where hidden in the shadows

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i love anime manga and game o and i make amv's but if you want to see them you have to go to my youtube channel


games anime and manga also messing around with computers


fullmetal alchemist,chobits,Fruits Basket,gantz,karin/chibi vampire,naruto,bleach,rurouni kenshin



Linkin Park/Fort Minor,Fall Out Boy,Family Force 5,Plain White T'sblink 182,panic at the disco

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