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"if it looks like pee and smells like pee... DON'T TASTE IT!"

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dbc3m’s Details
dom bel shinny

December 19


Melbourne, victoria

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14 years ago

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11 years ago

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i guess we're all to cheap to get our own accounts so we decided to share one. umm... but, what about me u say? well i have 2 younger sisters, glasses and a bad sense of direction. accoreding to bel and shinny i also can't sing very well bel says she would rather practice long division of polynomials. shinny says she'd rather be on the train stroking some guy's chest, but then shinny would rather be doing that than a lot of things. :... that poor guy...


well we all love dbsk, super junior, rain- the singer, and the atmospherical phenomenon, shinhwa, peter pan, dom likes the monkeys, shinny likes thirsty merc only when she can spell it right, bel likes indonesia- especially villages in indonesia.


the chaser's war on everything, the side show, spicks and specks, law and order (svu ci), we used to watch all the CSIs until we got ahem off our faces playing the harito drinking game. recently suju's full house, bad family and charlie and lola


all the barbie movie- shinny says esp. barbie IN the nutcracker, lake placid (good for a laugh), the lion king and the lion king 3, johnny depp in pirates of the caribbean, brokeback mountain even tho we haven't seen it


refer to interets because no one noticed this was a category

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