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"...Poink... x3"

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sweetindulgence | Videos (7) | Channels (2) | Favorites (45) |
Friends (344)

lol hahaha, ooops, me calling u = failed. lol. anyways, how was pmall? O.O did u buy lots of super cute stuff? and bags? and stuffed animals? and random boxes? ^o^!!! lol! anyways, let's do something p.a. day okay? and omg! i just spent my whole fricking day playing animal crossing =.=... but it's soooo addictive, like soooo addictive. i was making friends with animals and buying furniture from a raccoon. =.=.... lol XD

Posted 13 years ago

sweetindulgence | Videos (7) | Channels (2) | Favorites (45) |
Friends (344)

YAY! axia was fun... XD mmmm food. lol now u got me all excited about the apron! ^o^! u shouldn't have told me ^o^ cause now i'm all excited about it kyahahahahaha *thinks about me cooking in kitchen with apron* hohohoho! lol. anyways, how come shannon couldn't come o.O? haha, and i love kevina's excuse, wants to sleep lol!....wait. that's not a laughing matter. sleep is important!!! pro sleep! YAY! p.s. guess what?!?!?! my older brother is moving back in (for reasons only involving him and his ultimate mooching skills and low amounts of money and his roomate moving out for a job in like...faraway). ANYWYAS, u know what that means?!? he brings over his 360! AND all his wiii and xbox games!!! *dances in imaginary light* YES!

Posted 14 years ago

sweetindulgence | Videos (7) | Channels (2) | Favorites (45) |
Friends (344)

mmm yeah lets do something tomorrow kay? ^^ i'll call u the morning or something o.O? sorry, haven't checked veoh in a while, hw = was killing me. u knooow u caaaaaaaaaan call me for things like that XD. anyways i wanna do something, so let's see =p. and YAY time and a half right? thats super dooper lol =p

Posted 14 years ago

sweetindulgence | Videos (7) | Channels (2) | Favorites (45) |
Friends (344)

XD......T.T! lol hahaha, anyways, watchya doing for super thanksgiving holidays? ^^

Posted 14 years ago

sweetindulgence | Videos (7) | Channels (2) | Favorites (45) |
Friends (344)

*slaps u so hard u can feel it over the internet* i didn't watch the latest ep of lovely complex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! ToT!!!!!!!!!!!! [but yes, i love lovely complex, i wanna talk to u about, and if they broke up, otani, i love u, but i hate u to....T.T....] [and i wanna see halloween omg! gore! YAY!] [yeah let's plan stuff! can't waits ^^] [haha! i have super cute stuff *sticks tongue at u*] ToT! ahhh anja i hate u!!! u ruined it!!!!!! ToT

Posted 14 years ago

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December 17


Mississauga, ON

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14 years ago

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12 years ago

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Im born in the Philippines<3 but came to Canada a few years ago! I apperantly look chinese, but im ok with that :D


drawing (i made my pic, like it? >w<), anime, reading fanfics, friends, cheese, candy, sweets, bannana, PANDA :D , red, clothes, many more<3


lots... can't think >w<


saw 3, dawn of the dead, white chicks, scray movie, battle royale, pirates, ...more just can't think :P


boa, utada hikaru, UVERWORLD, ne-yo, Teriyaki boyz, gwen stafani, i listen to anything :D

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