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"[[! W!lL n3V@ 1,2,3,4g3T...BouT y3w...]] yO loV3 yO $3X..Y3W KnW ! WorK Y3W OuT l!K3 BowFl3X..! Jok3Z nO $tR3$$[[lUV,l!V3,l!F3,pRoc33d,pRogr3$$]].."""

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babiigurlily | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (8) |
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!m H!z Bu$t !T b@B!! lOlz <H3@rT$>

Posted 13 years ago

babiigurlily | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (8) |
Friends (7)

malik spady;; there is soo much 2 say bout him;; but let me start by sayn that he is nt only my boyfriend but also my bestfriend i call tell him anything nd everything hes always been there 4 me nd i kno he always will be jus lik i will always be there 4 him;; when im wit him its lik all my pain goes away! no1 has eva made me feel da way he do! when i luk in his eye i can c our future in em. i love him so much lik on da real i've been in love a few timez but him hes different from all da othas, when i fell in love wit him he fell rite baq nd i think hes da only 1 da waz willn 2. but we fite

Posted 13 years ago

babiigurlily | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (8) |
Friends (7)

all da time lik ova da stupidest stuff. but aint nuttin bringin us down. but yew kno how ppl say "you kno ur in love when you cnt sleep bcuz reality is better than ur dreams" this is so rite i say up all nite jus thinkin bout his smile;; laugh;; voice;; da way he holds me;; nd my favorite da perfect way he says i love you!!! i dunno wat i would do wit out him;; no matter wat all da matters 2 me is that hes happy;; i love you baby! nd matter wat !4.7.o8 we goin 2 da top baby!

Posted 13 years ago

babiigurlily’s Details
@Ly$$@ ~hOoD n@M3 $hY;;

b@b!! @ d@ top of y@ world~luv y3w m@l!k, W3 gO!n To D@ tOp B@b!! W3 m@RcH fO 3v@

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okay myy moms name me ALySSA GaBrIeLlE;; last name ((SPADyy)). my hood named me;; SHy ((long story so dnt ask)). dey call me SHy but trust me im far from it. da day a blessed dis earth;;JUNE 19. i write poems nd im pretty gud at it. im very silly


ANGEL,TERON,ROBERT,LUMER,JAyy,JAMES,ALEX,GRANDMA, ND ALOT MORE R.i.P 2 all my angels. i dnt care if yew lik me or nt bcuz yew aint shit 2 me;; real talk. i rep ATL 2 da fullest! but live in wack ass jersey ;). its fun sumtimes. im bipoler;; soooo wat, im


deff nt da bitch 2 fuck wit! i dnt hate on ppl. ppl hate on me. but im mostly cool wit every 1. im mad chill. i dnt let alot of things get 2 me. i love chillin wit my friends. my fone is my life. i dnt kno wat i would do wit out it. i kno wat yew wanna


ask me nd da answer is yes i do got a man!! i been wifey since 4.7.o8 nd loven every sec of it! i love bin wit him! hes da only reason i smile. okay i have nuttin else 2 say. but if yew got any questions hit me up wit a message nd if yew have a question


dat i answered ^^^ where ill tell yew 2 read my about me Besos bitches;;

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