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Death-Ruu-G-III | Videos (299) | Channels (18) | Friends (133)

Thnx u. =] D picture ur askin is Vocaloid. Its not an anime or manga. Its a music.

Posted 12 years ago

flipnotix-00 | Videos (130) | Channels (12) | Friends (144)

haha thanks for the info. but i'm also sure it isnt licensed, i've been google-ing around for any news of it being licensed or going to be licensed and i've found nothing, so i'm pretty sure your husband is right. i guess it's just veoh being really lame lol

Posted 12 years ago

flipnotix-00 | Videos (130) | Channels (12) | Friends (144)

hey well, i just tried to upload the rest of kannagi, and veoh said its licensed and i can't upload it or they'll terminate my account. sorry abt that =(

Posted 12 years ago

flipnotix-00 | Videos (130) | Channels (12) | Friends (144)

haha thanks i'm glad you liked inukami, one of the funniest show i've ever watch. as for toradora! i have 18 episodes right now and new episodes come out every thursday. so i guess you can decide where you should stop at. oh yeah and there's 25 eps and the last one airs march 25th. if you have any other questions feel free to ask

Posted 12 years ago

flipnotix-00 | Videos (130) | Channels (12) | Friends (144)

yeah i think i might try to upload the rest of it tonight if i'm not busy because i had all of them up before but veoh deleted half of the episodes and i dont know why. but ill have the rest of them up ASAP

Posted 12 years ago

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new to veoh. Ha ha I just wrote all this stuff and lost it so condensed version now. Married 2 kids girl 3 boy 5. they both started school and now I'm home alone. Veoh saves the day! I love all forms of entertainment.


love mmorpgs, playing Audition , Mabinogi, & Guild Wars. love rock band and guitar heroes, also tekken (old school), lego star wars, american idol game, love reading any genre, but fav is sci-fi fantasy. I do scrapbooking, make jewelry, and baking sweets


I am currently watching top model, project runway, Eureka, best dance crew, got talent, heroes, and i love to watch old family sitcoms like cosby's home improvement, full house, family matters, all in the family, fresh prince... you know nick at night


top movie is Transformers with speed racer 2nd. All Harry Potter movies. I love all Barbie fantasy movies!! Really i get them for my kids!! All time fav is My Fair Lady, all time fav anime: Sailor moon, chobits, Noein, fate stay night, strawberry panic


Love music from animes with the beat cruisaders top of the list, and opening song or Noein is my fav.

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