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"ienai itami kanashimi de kizu tsuita kimimou waraenai nante hito girai nante kotoba sou iwanai de"

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1Ichigo93 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (58) |
Friends (49)

9,675,000,000 ppl n this world && yet i ended up with your crazy ass as a friend?Damn,Im lucky!Send this to everyone u love.^_^ Get 1 back-ppl feel sorry for you Get 2 back-You have a couple true friends Get 3 back-You aight Get 4 back-Your loved Get 5 back-Your adored Get 6 or more-Damn your a celebrity

Posted 12 years ago

1Ichigo93 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (58) |
Friends (49)

Hi how r u?What have u been up 2 lately?

Posted 13 years ago

MewMewPower55 | Videos (0) | Channels (1)

Dud eyou're in a band and you SING?! omg!! lol sorry but I'm a totally music freak and I'm starting my own band too and well yeah lol. But I'm prolly the biggest music freak you'll ever meet :P The name's Michaela (MaKayla) but people usually give me a nickname since they're too lazy to type my full name haha. So yea, you jsut sounded relaly cool. w/b soon =D

Posted 13 years ago

froggchick09 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (63) |
Friends (122)

hey cool pic wanna be friends i sent you arequest so hope you accept!! later <3

Posted 13 years ago

1Ichigo93 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (58) |
Friends (49)

hi wanna be friends?^^

Posted 13 years ago

XxJaT0SqUaDxX’s Details
Patrick Patterson

September 28, 1991


Bentonville , Arkansas

Member Since:
13 years ago

Last Login:
12 years ago

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About XxJaT0SqUaDxX
My Website:

About Me:

The names Patrick but those who are younger than me can call me Aniki, im 5' 9", brown hair, blue eyes that change from light to dark with my mood, im 16 yrs. old, im on the high school football team, i also play baseball, im very athletic, im in a band called Deafening Silence im lead vocals, i enjoy watchin anime and reading manga, and no im not asian i am 100% white bread, irish and scottish, fav. color is green, fav. anime is BLEACH, fav. manga is between love hina or mahou sensei negima, fav. manga author is ken akamatsu.


girls, anime, manga, movies, t.v., i like stand up comedy, my favorite comedians are lewis black, dane cook, and jeff dunham, i love honesty, i try not 2 lie unless it saves my ass.


i watch the discovery channel alot, and cartoon network for adult swim and stuff, i also like comedy central.


any comedy movie is cool w me.


classic rock, and funny songs like stephen lynch or weird al, i also listen to some japanese music like UVERworld, the Heartsdales, and SOUL'd OUT

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