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"Just a little closer... I can feel your warmth but... why don't you reach back, I... Please, stay with me... why do I only hold you in my dreams..."

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13 years ago

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11 years ago

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Hi everyone Alrighty then...Lets get cracking...How should I start off? Hmm... Oh...I know...Well my name is Corey and I am currently attending Cypress Creek High School...I like to draw,play video games,and watch animes...Not to shore about the future though...I have three options in my head though...artist,actor,or maybe a doctor...Well I can not say...I love outgoing people,but has a sense of responsibility and serious.I hate people who are pompous(>_<)...Whatever I feel weird typing/bloging(I think it is called) about myself...Whatever... In every heart there is a light,but for many it is locked behind a door,I just want you to unlock the door to your heart to open mine...Aww I am so Lonely,Where is the love people...I wish life was more like manga,harlem,or romantic-comedy anime...or just a little bit more interesting...I want some one to find me and just say...hey...but reality is a hard endeavor indeed.


Well girls of course. Anime,Nintendo Wii, XBox 360,PS3 ,sleeping,and finally going to high school.I want to line up the pieces of were I belong in this world.


Anything really as long as it amuses me.


What ever comes on HBO really. Except that late night stuff.


IDK anything as long as it sounds good.

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