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"( ^ _ ^)∠☆PAN!"

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KawaaaiiPlease | Videos (4) | Channels (1)

Heyy :) How're youuu? You just gave me a new nickname ~Suu! xDD && omgg, i love your image, profile description and video<3 ly<3

Posted 13 years ago

TokyoTRASHH | Videos (3) | Channels (0) | Friends (3)

\(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ Comment me? I love ranDOm comments;; No really comment me i get really bored (^_-)☆wink

Posted 13 years ago

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13 years ago

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~Saenggakhaenneunguhl My names Rouna (Y) im fourteen, female! My friends, i love them all but i really couldn't live without EloiseSuu! and Eranoua you two are amazing. Future life? Living in tokyo with my two bestfriends and i know this may be dumb but i want to pick stage clothes out for a phitt band like Super Junior Or TVXQ


~Kim Heechul&Kim JaeJoong;; I love anything to do with Japan~Taiwan~Korea~China,, The Harajuku Fashion, Music. Asians <- ILove Them, I'd love to be asian! ヾ(^∇^) Im Deffo going to move to tokyo when im older, i love kawaii stuff with sparkles ( ゚▽゚) ehe.


~Important;; If you addme thankchuu ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ But can you keepin contact with me? otherwise theres no use adding me, i try to keep in contact aswell you might have to remind me that your online! && I don't like anyone copying me (ノ_σ)


Banjun Dramas. Enough said? ☆⌒(>。≪)


JPop|KPop|CPop|TPop++, You know it all! ヾ(^∇^)ー♪

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