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"*//i'm weally nice but try to mess wif me and my onii-chan's will get u! ^^""//*"

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PhantomoftheDarkness | Videos (0) | Channels (14) | Favorites (630) |
Friends (63)

Namine!!! Nice avatar and background.

Posted 12 years ago

SophieorAerith | Videos (29) | Channels (8) | Favorites (34) |
Friends (120)

Just 2 warn u...if my profile gets deleted my new name will be AerithSophie ^_^ lol, ok...i'm warning every1, cuz i think if i get copy write again i'm screwed^_^

Posted 13 years ago

FireKnight666 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (350) |
Friends (1291)

MY FRIEND When you are sad I will dry your tears. When you are scared I will comfort your fears. When you are worried I will give you hope. When you are confused I will help you cope. And when you are lost and can't see the light. I shall be your beacon shining ever so bright. This is my oath I pledge till the end. Why you may ask because you're my friend. Send This To Your Friends And See If They Send It Back! If They Do, You Will Know Who Really Cares About You, And Your Friendship Will Be Forever and Ever

Posted 13 years ago

FireKnight666 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (350) |
Friends (1291)

Long time no speak, so how are U

Posted 13 years ago

newton1991 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (1) |
Friends (326)

Hi,how are you?

Posted 13 years ago

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February 11



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i'm 14....and i love to help ppl out....i'm a very nice person, and a hard working one too.....i love to make new friends, i love to listen to music watch anime and talk to my friends and give them advize ^^..... DeathMetalLuver is my bff here soo don't mess with her, not forgetting my friend suhy,....and my real life sis is angeldevil95 be free to add to her but be careful u'll get a prob with me if u do something to her ^^..... and my bff on veoh wow100001 and ichigo441 is my "lil bro" and i have lots of sisters here to, sum of them are Lightning, kim232, bellaa, dramabeast and more.... so WARNING do not mess with them or else....mwahaha ^^" and also i have my beloved brothers!!...moonangel360, hpcjosh, sce310, khoi20 mess wif me and ur busted ^^


how to play the guitar, watch anime, listen to music


only when i can't touch the pc V.V


umm i've watch lotz og movies but my all time favs are FF7, titanic, pirates of the carribean 1,2,3 !!!!


Sum 41, fall out boys, cascada and more......

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