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"I've Been Hiding In This Bed For Weeks From This:x:Throats Raw From Screaming And I Haven't Said A Word:x:The Sky Is Calling. And The Stars They Point To This...."

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May 12



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Hi Falks Bonji is the name. I like to meet people. Uhmm i hate those who like to put the blame on someone when its they're own fault..You got problem with me??..then deal with it. I'm serious lol not really. I usually become friends with people easily unless you try to judge me or just act like a douche bag around dont. Im usually hangin out with my friends or drumming or just doin anything else to keep me from bein bored. And I Hate Liers. I might not be as you think who i am. my favorite colors are the none colors and the color of water. If you want to know something about me just ask me


Making new friends. the more the better. hocking up with my friends. take a walk. play on the guitar and drums. going out to the mall. cinema. concerts. enjoying the heavey music. movies. cold drinks. kareoke. my PS3.


Masters of herror. prison break. death is in a holiday. auto motive. supernatural. adrinaline rash. The O.C.. the amaing race. childrens of the night. night stalker. grays anatomy. dexter. grays anatomy. my name is earl


Anger ship. black water. fight club. deep silence .dream catcher. I am legand. 30 days of night. Indiana Johns. Residant evil. The fast and the fouriose. Hit man. The unrest


\Slayer. Bleed the dream. Chiodos. Devildriver. Family Force 5. Secrets Kept In Suicide. Forever The Sickest Kids. Aiden. Rammstien. Rob Zombie. Saosin. Scary Kids Scaring Kids. Skillets. Good Charlotte. Stutterfly. 3 Days Grace. Tool. And More

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