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"Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes. -Frieda Norris"

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bambi36 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Friends (40)

YOU LOGGED IN TWO DAYS AGO AND DIDNT TELL MOI??? Have you noticed how much my friends list has grown?? Its strange, honestly. :) All of these people keep befriending me out of nowhere...

Posted 12 years ago

nerdNugget | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (0) |
Friends (5)

hello, beautiful :P b4 u get all excited. its just caitlin. :) i hacked my brother... im basically a genius. :)

Posted 13 years ago

jeanmugen | Videos (37) | Channels (5) | Favorites (1) |
Friends (747)

O_o u mean u still log on here?!?!?!

Posted 13 years ago

jeanmugen | Videos (37) | Channels (5) | Favorites (1) |
Friends (747)

u>>>>>>>> R >>>>>>>> SO >>>>>>>>>> BEAUTIFUL>>>>>>>>>>>> ^^

Posted 13 years ago

bambi36 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Friends (40)

HI! Chad vader is such an awkward person. It's very sad... I love you sweety! Be happier, okay? yeah? Yeah(:

Posted 13 years ago

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I am basically me. I'm not quite 18 but i am in high school (just don't let the little editor people know that) I like boys a lot but i've never had a bf (any takers) *wink wink*I need more chocolate. The king size snickers, choco chip cookie, carmel filled egg, m&ms and oreo cookie isn't enough to make me feel better. I feel like doing something. Oo lets go ice skating. That is always fun! Woot Woot. I love summer. I just wish that it wouldn't be 120 degrees outside. That is a little too hot. I mean i luv the sun but we need some time apart every once in awhile. I watch anime a lot. Like maybe way to much. That's too bad. I don't think I'm gonna tell you guys much more because i already have a stalker (literally) and I don't want another one. Or another two for anyone who is trying to be literal. Unless you are super hott, smart, intellegent, not taken, not gay, sensitive, musician, calm, understanding funny, kind, cute, and raining from the sky with dohnuts alleluia! Okay right now i am so bored that i don't know what to do no i am not a little old lady that lives in a shoe and no i'm not high off of chocolate, but if you are reading all of this i love you. Ooh has anyone watched Pirates yet? I wasn't dissapointed like i thought. OOH next year! Who wants to see Twilight the movie with me. Edward is a hotty in that book. I mean he is seriously one of my favorite hot book men. Has anyone here watched host club? Oh it is so funny. It's getting annoying how in all of these animes there is one guy and thousands of girls are crowding him. Host club is the exact opposite but if ur situtation is like mine and your family thinks ur weird for watching anime get a pillow to shove in your mouth and don't drink water too quickly when you watch and u will laugh and when it comes back out your nose i tell you you will not be a happy camper. For some reason my friend said my reply's were witty. Does anyone here think i'm witty?


I like making movies, listening to music, watching movies, and doing random things. I also like ice skating and regular skating. the beach is good too. I wish that i could go somewhere right now instead of going and studing biology. Oh well too bad. video


Since i can't type any more in intersts i'll continue in here. A major insterests is boys hurray! I like the television. Half of the things i watch are extremely stupid, but it is still pretty awesome and you know it. My sister wouldn't let me watchBleach


I love movies a lot more than i love television. Movies make sense. I like to make them to. It gives me something to do in my boring average everyday life. My fav movie right now is Peter and the Wolf. It's a disney movie but it is pretty awesome.


I have one band that i am going to put here so listne up and pay attention.THE BEATLES. There are others but this is the only one that anyone cares about.If you disagree with me that is just too bad for you because it is the best.Of course other 60s rocks

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