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"From Pain will come Moderation...from Moderation will come Peace....and from Peace will come Love...My world of Pain Rikudou "

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Kamiaiwai | Videos (33) | Channels (1) | Favorites (36) |
Friends (355)

Who keeps logging into this account? I haven't been on this in days, and it says I was on thre hours ago. WHO THE HELL IS DOING THIS?

Posted 14 years ago

onesearch | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (3) |
Friends (176)

Fine then i'll not send you a request anyway happy new year!!!

Posted 14 years ago

-Sasori- | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (5) |
Friends (65)

Hello Pein-Sama^^ How have you been? *bows and poofs away*

Posted 14 years ago

KonohaLeader | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (5) |
Friends (59)

I am but a meer servant. i do terribly appologize if i upset thee. i am but trying to ask if you would become my friend. i will serve you and you alone.^_^

Posted 14 years ago

-Konan- | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Friends (36)

"Pain I have added you to my MSN at least I think If it did not work I ask that you add me once more"

Posted 14 years ago

-Pain-’s Details
Pein Rikudou "The Six Paths of Pain"|Nagato Fuuma

March 27


Journeying with Konan, Ohio

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15 years ago

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14 years ago

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About -Pain-
My Website:

About Me:

TO ALL NON-AKATSUKI AND HAKUCHUU MEMBERS: PLEASE DO NOT SEND A REQUEST TO THIS PROFILE, SEND IT TO MY MAIN ONE, KAMIAIWAI, IT IS MY MAIN BODY AND I WANT MY FRIENDS ON THERE, THANK YOU. {Kamiaiwai} {TheOrbAkatsuki} {HakuchuuLeader}>My bodies. Pein (ペイン) is the leader of Akatsuki. When he was younger, Pein, then known as Nagato (長門), Konan, and Yahiko were left orphaned by one of Amegakure's many wars, forcing them to fend for themselves. The three eventually encountered Jiraiya, who looked after them and taught them basic ninjutsu. He now uses the village as his base of operations for Akatsuki, where he is partnered with Konan. Although he directs the actions of the other members and maintains authority over them, Pein takes orders from Tobi.


During his time with Jiraiya, Pain awakened his Rinnegan ( 輪廻眼, Rinnegan? literally "Samsara Eye"), characterized by a number of concentric circles around the pupil.


In later years he exhibits the ability to clone his subordinates with his Shapeshifting Technique (象転の術, Shōten no Jutsu?), in which he uses human sacrifices to create a perfect copy of another person, controlled remotely by the original.


The eyes, first possessed by the founder of the ninja world and the creator of the first jutsu, give Pain access to all six types of elemental chakra.


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