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"I want ice cream nowz!!"

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TAYLO355 | Videos (0) | Channels (2) | Favorites (8) |
Friends (39)

lolz yes you are very random which rocks!!! weeeeee

Posted 13 years ago

AislinCara | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (0) |
Friends (1)

Wow, sorry for not replying earlier.. Kinda forgot Veoh and i've been so busy.. Happy B-day! *sorry for saying that so late forgive me plz =]* You're getting old Ö ;P anyway, how are u? ^^ ttyl xx

Posted 13 years ago

-yukichi- | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (58) |
Friends (253)

Hey whatz up??

Posted 13 years ago

Conroe936 | Videos (1) | Channels (1)

no prob and thx lol so wats up?

Posted 13 years ago

-yukichi- | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (58) |
Friends (253)

HAPPYZ LATE B-DAY!!!!!!!!! You sound kind, oh i don't know..... RaNDoM Im aLsO RAndOm, SoMETImEz BUt iM MoSTly LAzy...... BuT, HaPPy LatE BiRTHdAy!!!!!!!

Posted 13 years ago

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March 19



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13 years ago

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11 years ago

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About -Kozu-
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No where! >_<

About Me:

Hmm...where to start. Im about 17. I love anime. I basically made this cuz Stage6 shut down. Im pissed. *laughs* Im bored right now. Gaara is awesome. L is emo and hott. Yes, Im a guy calling another guy a problem? Im actually sorta Bi when it comes to anime. That goes for yaoi too. But in real life, I only go for girls...I know, Im weird. YAY, INDEPENDENCE! Dont ask. Im a bit random. I want Cheetos. And I guess Im done here. PEACE! P.S.- Gaara is mine! Back off! Heh, kidding..I share. Only if your a Gaara fan. If you like the Akatsuki...go away before I eat you!


- anime - video games - manga - drawing - making AMV's Hmm.... with video games...I have a confession: I have WoW addiction! OH NO!


ANIME: - Naruto - Death Note - Chobits - Kodocha - Inuyasha - FMA - Erementar Gerad - Elfen Lied - Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (I think I spelled it right...oh well) - Ikki Tousen I seriously can go on and on...but Im seriously too lazy! HA!


IDK..I guess Harry Potter. Although the books are better. Give me cookies!!!!!!!!! Erm....yeah. Do it.


Too many bands to name, but Ill put genres down. Emo Metal Alternative J-rock Hmm...basically thats it. *laughs* Except the fact that Maximum The Hormone rulezzz!!!!

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