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  • Konpaku Taku
    Konpaku Taku

    This fiction film that I did for my Video Art Production class. It short story about house that is haunted ...

  • Late Again
    Late Again

    Sailor Moon Fandub Please comment and rate!

  • Turth with Inside Me
    Turth with Inside Me

    Anime: Kannazuki No Miko Song:? Poem: by me Please comment and rate!

  • B-day AMV
    B-day AMV

    July 29 Happy Birthday lil sis (Sakura Miller) Please comment and rate! ...

  • Follow the Magical Keyblade
    Follow the Magical Keyblade

    This song my sis and I came up with go with OZ song and our fav game, Kingdom Heart II (ht...


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