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  • Swiss Ball Kicking Crunch
    Swiss Ball Kicking Crunch

    The Swiss Ball Kicking Crunch is an advanced variation of the Swiss Ball Crunch incorporating a twisting...

    • Added: 13 years ago
    • Category: Educational & How-To > How-To
    • RidgelineFitness
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  • 27 Ab Stretch
    27 Ab Stretch

    In addition to a dynamic surface for strength and balance exercises the ball is also a great stretching prop. One o...

  • 25 Prone Torso Twist
    25 Prone Torso Twist

    The ball is great for rotational exercises and prone torso twists are no exception. For this intermediate to advanc...

    • Added: 13 years ago
    • Category: Faith & Lifestyle > Faith & Spirituality
    • RidgelineFitness
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  • 26 Supine Lateral Roll
    26 Supine Lateral Roll

    The supine lateral roll like many other Swiss ball exercises is more about balance and stability than brute streng...

  • 24 "Pike Press"
    24 "Pike Press"

    The Pike Press is an advanced exercise to strengthen the upper back and shoulders.

    • Added: 13 years ago
    • Category: Educational & How-To > Educational
    • RidgelineFitness
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  • 23 "Bent Knee Bridge"
    23 "Bent Knee Bridge"

    Bridging movements are some of my favorite Swiss ball exercises. They generally offer a wide progression diffic...

  • 22 "Reverse Extension"
    22 "Reverse Extension"

    Reverse Extensions are another way to target your lower back and core with the Swiss Ball. Reverse Extensio...

  • 20 "Leg Lift"
    20 "Leg Lift"

    Leg Lifts build strength, endurance, and cordination of the lower abdominal wall and test the recruitment of importa...

  • 21 "Reverse Crunch"
    21 "Reverse Crunch"

    Reverse crunches on the Swiss Ball allow you to train your abdominal through a full range of motion while challe...

  • #19 Calf Raise
    #19 Calf Raise

    Calf raises using the Swiss Ball work your calves without the machines in the gym.


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