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  • Anime Universe
    Ichigo vs Itachi 【初音ミク】Border【オリジナル】 [Hatsune Miku] Whatever! [with English   Chinese translation] +Romaji
    Anime Universe
    manager: h202

    Welcome to anime universe. you can talk freely all you want and i don't care what type of ...

    Videos: 221 | Members: 3833 | Discussions: 850
    New Videos Added: 10 years ago
  • EDA English DUB ANIME
    Ep24xArgentoxSomax Ep23xArgentoxSomax Ep22xArgentoxSomax
    EDA English DUB ANIME
    manager: rikotovias

    We don't give a fuck what you add to this group as long as it's DUBBED. Oh yeah no yayoi v...

    Videos: 206 | Members: 504 | Discussions: 35
    New Videos Added: 11 years ago
    Dai Guard English Dubbed ep 1.avi Ep24xArgentoxSomax Ep23xArgentoxSomax
    manager: franlenie

    any english anime...action coedy romance sci-fi thriller etc and anything and evrything un...

    Videos: 169 | Members: 547 | Discussions: 24
    New Videos Added: 12 years ago
  •  Shojo fans
    rabbit force mi-na ep1 Amatsuki 1 Hikari no Densetsu 1
    Shojo fans
    manager: STARneko

    Hello! This is an all about Shojo anime and manga!If you love shojo anime and manga, join ...

    Videos: 13 | Members: 11 | Discussions: 2
    New Videos Added: 13 years ago
  • Anime
    Yogurting - Always PV Yogurting op game MORPG Chance Pop Session
    manager: SweetSakuraPlums

    My Favorite and Non Favorite Animes! More on my favorites since some cant be put into grou...

    Videos: 35 | Members: 17 | Discussions: 0
    New Videos Added: 14 years ago

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