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CNBC provides special sneak previews --and extended content-- from the best in business. Clips feature business gurus to mavericks and celebrities, including: Jim Cramer, Warren Buffett, Danny DeVito, Michael Eisner, and Eliot Spitzer. There are even tips on how to grow your personal wealth.

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  • 01:19
    Famous Grads from Harvard Biz

    The Money Chase premieres 12/17 @ 10p ET/PT.

  • 00:45
    The Business of High End Prostitution

    Premieres 11/11/08 at 10p ET on CNBC.

  • 01:58
    Favreau On How He Got His Start

    Excerpt from Jon Favreau's candid conversation on the next all-new Conversations with Michael Eisner - premieres Tues 9p ET / 10p PT on CNBC.

  • 00:46
    Long Live The King?

    Preview from CNBC's "American Originals: Budweiser", premiering Thurs July 17 @ 9p/12a ET on CNBC.

  • 00:49
    Drew Carey On Getting His Own Show

    Carey reveals how his size impacted his career. Premieres Tues at 9p/12a ET on CNBC.

  • 01:03
    Ice Cube Vs. Oprah?

    Ice Cube discusses the tension between he and Oprah... and how it all started. Full interview premieres tonight at 9p/12a ET on CNBC.

  • 02:13
    Dwight On "The Office"

    Re-airs Sunday on CNBC at 1a ET - Actor Rainn Wilson discusses starring in "The Office" and his career.

  • 01:18
    Vera Wang's Most Expensive Dress

    Wang reveals "Conversations with Michael Eisner" the most expensive dress she ever made -- that was never worn! Full interview premieres tonight 9p/12a ET on CNBC.

  • 01:33
    Torre Talks Steroids

    Excerpt from Monday's "Conversations with Michael Eisner', premiering 2/25 at 9p/12a ET on CNBC.

  • 01:34
    LeBron James: Prepping to be Better than Jordan

    Excerpt from CNBC's "Swoosh! Inside Nike". Check for show times.

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