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A place for TYPE-MOON fans to enjoy discussions and videos of your favorite TYPE-MOON franchises, from Fate/Stay Night to Tsukihime or even Melty Blood. Feel free to add any kind of TYPE-MOON videos, anime and games alike. So chill, relax and enjoy your stay :)

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added: 12 yrs ago
updated: 12 yrs ago

porque889 manager

Here's something I stumbled upon. Don't know if you've seen this, but check it out: You see those 2 girls who are with Saber, Arc, and Aoko? If I'm reading the kanji right, the text below the 2nd picture talks about a new VN called "Mahoyo" scheduled to release in Fall 2009. Below that are page numbers of various series concerning new projects from the TM magazine. Also, below the text talking about CANAAN gives info that the project "Girl's Work" will take place in the same town where Tsukihime took place. Here's hoping for an interesting interaction between the girls from GW and characters from Tsukihime(perhaps another Shiki harem!?). cont. next post

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added: 12 yrs ago

porque889 manager

Also, it talks about several new projects like Fate/strange fake (written by the author of Baccano!) and Fate/Kaleid liner (a Fate comic strip supposedly just for the TM mag). Last but not least, since I can't recognize any of the kanji, there could be a possible new chapter or an anime/OVA of DDD coming 2010. All I've got to say is fuck yes lol.

added: 12 yrs ago

porque889 manager

Even more new info with a better translation: ///It seems like Mahou Tsukai no Yoru will be heading for a Fall 2009 release. Also various pictures like F/UC sketches and future Rin(!). Also, the 2 heroine's names from another upcoming VN, Mahou Tsukai no Hako are revealed: Hibiki Hibino (short hair) & Chikagi Katsuragi (twintails). TM Ace vol.2 also has a male and female character popularity ranking, so you might want to check that out as well. The bonus novel, Fate/strange fake, is revealed not to be canon to the Nasuverse. Check out the link for more info!

added: 12 yrs ago


I'm speechless... link made of EPIC WIN! The thing that brought me back was that list though...Archer first then Nanaya? lolwut?! I thought Nanaya was the best! then again it depends on the popularity I guess seeing how the majority prefer F/SN over Tsuikime. I'm a big Tsukihime fanatic so that was kinda of a shock to me. XD

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