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An official group for the guys of veoh, invite your male friends and feel free to discuss anything. A place where guys can be guys and start useless chats or just be silly. Feel free to add ANY kind of videos you like, Dont forget to join in any discussions posted.

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added: 12 yrs ago
updated: 12 yrs ago


well i have this girl that i have been hooking up with for like a mouth. but we haven't got together yet. So i meant this girl only named Jennifer and we and her have been hooking up for like a week. so um tell me. do you think i was wrong for go out with Jennifer and not staying with April, the first girl.

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added: 12 yrs ago


WTF first of all u gotta get ur story straight. I must b dumb or somethin, but ur story seems a lil confusing, Wat I mean is tha way U wrote that shit out.

added: 12 yrs ago


I think I get tha jist of it. U n April have been on n off 4 a month, but haven't been knockin boots. Now u found this lil shorty Jennifer n been seein each other 4 a week. Now u wanna know if seein Jennifer is like cheatin on April, right? Fisrt of all, have u been gettin tha cutty wit Jennifer? Cuz that does help out wit that story. Anyways, if ur in an off n on relationship wit anyone u can do watever u want wit anyone else. Y? Cuz ur not in a commited relationship. If u hook up wit Jennifer n April gets mad, thats her prob 4 not understandin wats been goin on. Cuz if tha shoe was on tha other foot, would u give a fuck? I say u should go wit tha chick who will let u play wit her kitty cat n just have a good time. But this is all just my opinion, just a lil advice 4 ya.

added: 12 yrs ago


If you arn't going out yet, then technically theres nothing wrong, but if the first girl has feelings for you then its your own decisions to hurt her feelings or not since you know how she feels about you. Either way You are you and in the end you do whats best for you.

added: 12 yrs ago


any rings or promises involved...if not don't let it bother ya

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