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This group is all about Sailor Moon. I am a big fan and cant wait to meet all u other fans. Share your videos and comments on this page and have fun. Discussions are always welcomed and join the fun!!!

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added: 13 yrs ago
updated: 13 yrs ago


I want to know if they are going to have season 5 of sailor moon to be in english with the same voices that they had from season 4. I also want to know if they are going to make a season 6, and a new sailor moon stars movie in the near future. I really don't want sailor moon to be over, I really liked watching them alot.

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added: 13 yrs ago


Sorry no. They never dubbed the 5th season, but i wish they did. You can find the 5th season with Japense people speaking, and english subtiles. Two no they are not going to make more episodes. There was a vote in 2005 if there should be, most most people had been replaced my other animes. Hope that helps.

added: 13 yrs ago

RavenLouise27220 manager

I wanted this to go on for a longer amount of time but no show lasts forever. I was hoping for dubbing of the 5th season but I dont think they are. Someone wrote me saying they were but I dont know.

added: 13 yrs ago


Its been so long since Sailor Moon was on TV, so no it wont be on any more but luckily we have Veoh, which is the best. I watched a couple of Sailor Stars episodes, in english, but it was people just mucking about and they didn't get the words right and never timed them right either, they were'nt very good at all, and it was really annoying that some one tryed to do the voices of Serena, Darien and everyone else. Very annoying!!!!!!:-( I prefer it in Japenese, but it wuld be nice to watch it in english again.

added: 13 yrs ago


i have all the videos in 0zzy"s girls if u havent seen my profile..all 200..enjoy if u care..was alot 2 do 2 load up in ours..but i will try

added: 13 yrs ago


Sorry,the only dubs you'll find of *SailorStars* are fandubs.And,S5 is the end of BSSM

added: 13 yrs ago


It would be nice if SM could continue but i dont think that they are going to dub the 5h season or make new episodes. if they were im so totally going to audition to get usagi-chans part. lol

added: 13 yrs ago


no they re not goin do u dubbin season 5. n i know the answer i heard that recently that the people that made the seasons of 1-4 in english dubbed they wont support the season 5 to be made in english dubbedn so no 1 would support it so they re goin to leave it just the way it is. n ya ps it sounds so much bettet ion original then it would be in english dubbed xoxox tillnext time

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