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Machinima is a popular artform for creating movies using game engine technology. Many people use video games to create film footage and others use programs like Moviestorm, The Movies, Antics3D.

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added: 13 yrs ago
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Hi Lucinda! Hi all! Lundinda, you have used a lot of games. Which one do you prefer in order to make machinima movies? I have tried The Movies, only. Thank you for adding me to your group!

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added: 13 yrs ago

lucindamc123 manager

Mainly I now use Moviestorm and I like it alot. I have used SIMS2 briefly - I was frustrated at trying to work the camera, however, since I now understand cameras and digital filmmaking a lot better, I intend to get back to SIMS2. Then The Movies came out and I was just amazed. I made several movies with The Movies, most that are still online here and elsewhere. Then last year I heard about Moviestorm which I really love. It solved all the problems I was facing with The Movies - inability to build custom sets, stock animations, rigid scene structure. With Moviestorm, you have complete freedom and complete customization. I have also used Antics3D (fairly easy to use), Houdini (hard to use), Iclone (hard to use) And I even tried Renderman (Pixar) which is really, really hard to learn.

added: 12 yrs ago

lucindamc123 manager

I keep trying to reply to this topic. The Movies Game is the easiest program to use and is quite a lot of fun. And the modders have really added a lot that helps you overcome the limitations from stock scenes, sets and animations. Moviestorm is easy to use but you need to do the tutorials and put some time into learning the program. The Sims2 -- well all Sims games are very easy to use, but the camera work is hard to learn. Iclone seems pretty easy but it is expensive. Antics3D is not easy however they have great video interactive tutorials online and it is a free program with low cost addons. Houdini is difficult and the problem is with the $99 learning edition they put out, you can only save your movies in the Houdini codec that no other film editor can interpret.

added: 12 yrs ago


Thanks a lot, Luncinda! All this information is very interesting to me! Thank you again, you're very kind.

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