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Machinima is a popular artform for creating movies using game engine technology. Many people use video games to create film footage and others use programs like Moviestorm, The Movies, Antics3D.

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added: 13 yrs ago
updated: 13 yrs ago

lucindamc123 manager

Hi, all. I started this group because I am interested in all forms of machinima no matter what game or software is used. I haven't tried all of them. I have used Sims2, The Movies, Moviestorm, Antics3d, Iclone and Unreal Tournament III. I have also tried Frame Forge 3D and Houdini. I dabbled with Renderman - LOL, I tried to figure it out but couldn't get it to load. As a group we can make our presence known on VEOH and on the internet in general. And we all share a lot of common interests and problems, how to use and make 3D mods, how to market your video, film festivals - is it worth spending the money to submit a film, finding actors, using or making your own music, how to get the best sound. So I thought it would be a good idea to get everyone I could find interested in this medium to talk and share their tips and videos.

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added: 13 yrs ago

lucindamc123 manager

I am adding videos all of you have made to the group and I am impressed. I would love to know how you are doing the things you are doing. And Bongoman, how in the world did you do these videos? Amazing special effects.

added: 13 yrs ago


Hi Lucinda - thanks for setting this group up - I still a novice at video making - which of the software you mentioned did you enjoy the most and which was the easiest to make movies with? Antics won't run on my machine so that one's out. I have Moviestorm - still a long way to go - Sims2 - need experience, Poser and Dazstudio which are powerful but slow to render multiple frames. IndodaMJB

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