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"catch your dream or reality will catch you first"

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11 years ago

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I'M IN A ROCK BAND i play the guitar.i'm an EMO/ROCKER PERSON, i love to hang out w/friends,i'm nice and an extremely easy person to get along with don't like what i say don't be my friend i don't really care 4 people who have A LOW SELF ESTEEM


playing in a rock band,yaoi,making friends that's not my real birthdate


i don't watch tv i would rather be on the computer chatting with friends,or on the phone. i'm a busy person and love to ''jam'' or play with my band


house of flying daggers,the one (a jet li movie) i don't like comedy i think it's stupid and a waste of their and the viewers time


all kinds of rock music and that's it i despise hip-hop,r&b,pop,and all those other kinds of annoying music

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