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mightymouse87 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (10) |
Friends (11)

hey i would really appreciate it if u could post ur goodbye my lover video on ur veoh videos please and thank u. ^^

Posted 12 years ago

rosecrystal104 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (3) |
Friends (5)

lol Being lazy is nice at times... (especially now) ^^; During times like these, you should mellow down and let life take its course. Wow... that sounds like what a really bad psychologist would say. XD It'd probably be a pain to upload all of your amvs again... >.> Aw thanks! I'm so glad that you liked it! Makes me super happy too! ^-^ No problem at all about Sola & Myself; Yourself! I'm willing to help whenever you want it! XD

Posted 12 years ago

rosecrystal104 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (3) |
Friends (5)

Ah, don't worry about it! I sometimes accidentally delete/change things a lot! ^^; Aww, things aren't going well for you at the moment... hmm... but you know what? Whenever bad things happen, good things always follow after! So, who knows? XD I do hope that things get better for you! You're such a sweet person and I feel so sad that this is happening to you! :( Sola's a good anime. I was watching it non-stop. ^^ The ending's good too (at least in my opinion). XD Myself; Yourself is a pretty good series as well, I guess the ending is what did me in. XD There were some things that they didn't quite explain which made me really annoyed. >.< lol But nonetheless, both are really interesting animes to watch if you're not busy. Since they're both 13 or so episodes. ^^ I hope to talk to you real soon! And no problem! Luckily I was able to remember that you had an account on Veoh! XD

Posted 12 years ago

xmana94x | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (78) |
Friends (50)

hey. i saw your sailor moon goodbye my lover video on youtube and i thought it rocked! do you want to be friends?

Posted 12 years ago

TakashixMori | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (28) |
Friends (311)

i loved your video Ouran Host Club - Welcome to The Black Parade!!! IT WAS SWEET! wanna be friends??

Posted 13 years ago

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Hi! I was Kasandora3 on youtube; now I'm Kasandora2! If you like the videos I have here, you can check out my other amvs on youtube! Here's the link to my youtube profile page:





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