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"being a cat would be so good eating, sleeping, playing (my case watching anime and reading manga)^^"

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just call me Mimiko

January 1



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15 years ago

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13 years ago

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ehm don't know what to say I do what i like and I tend to forget other things well lets see I would really like to work in animation later (like disney would be so cool personally i think it would be so cool) well apart from drawing I don't really have a


anime, manga, drawing, softbal, snowboarding, sleeping, eating strawberrys and sofar love all clamp series ccs on top second tsubasa and ehm the over ones are so great to i recomend watching clamp series btw if anyone knows any good series plz tell me^^ b


anime. favs: kaleido star, prince of tennis, kirarin revolution, tsubasa chronicle, Card Captor Sakura, bleach, naruto,Prince of tennis, gakuen alice, (i'm definatly going to love the anime SKIP BEAT<it's definatly my favorite manga so i'm really looking


fav movie Cardcaptor Sakura 1 and 2, kiki's delivery survace, munto, howls moving castle, spirit away, bleach and disney movies but i watch almost all kinds of movies that is if i'm not watching anime eps than^^


DDR, rolling star (one of the songs from bleach), lots from linkin park, rest in pieces (i really like this song with amv from gakuen alice i think i've got it in my favs^^ and i like a lot of the disney songs sang in the movies (reflection from mulan is

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