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"The next sentence is true. The previous sentence is false."

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Freedomno1 | Videos (2) | Channels (1) | Favorites (49) |
Friends (260)

Hehe Reached my checkpoint X2 in members ^^ From when you last posted lol with two hours to spare

Posted 12 years ago

ChidoriKakashi | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (14) |
Friends (576)

lol ^^ thankx for commenting on my post at the Manga readers Group!!!! ttyl

Posted 12 years ago

arielll | Videos (1) | Channels (1) | Friends (147)

have you seen sword of a stranger?

Posted 12 years ago

23rdLOVE | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (6) |
Friends (108)

Hahahaha!thanks to my friends,my socializing skills are better now and i could start to open up to people and people would open up to how u been doing?

Posted 12 years ago

arielll | Videos (1) | Channels (1) | Friends (147)

ya i guess that i really do like shoujo. some how it just pulls me in and i end up reading it for hours

Posted 12 years ago

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January 17


In your base, killing your dudes...

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13 years ago

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11 years ago

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About jaw17
My Website: lol not really

About Me:

Corada lvl 70 Tauren Druid (full pvp Wellfare epics... and Resto to boot), Alexane lvl 70 Undead Rogue (way outdated PvP gear, but at least I am not 20/0/41), Neet lvl 29 Blood Elf Paladin (my Twink!), all on the server Greymane. Armory me!


Well since I started watching anime in the starting of summer of 2007 (was already an anime fan just not the kind who watches it as much as possible) I've watched many series and recently I am getting into manga. Soon I will become an Otaku, Hurray!!


Comedy Central, USA, G4, and flipping through the channels. I usually watch t.v. either with my family (that's our family time!) or when I'm playing WoW (hard to comprehend anime while owning peoples faces or healing peoples faces... lol)


Well I don't go to the Movies that often but I like 300, Transformers, The Harry Potter series( even though I'm too lazy to read it) XMen, Spiderman, and some other ones


I guess even though I like Anime and all its goodness, I do like Death, Metal and of course everyones favorite... DEATH METAL! There's also most of the openings to animes that I've watched and made my favorites on Veoh.

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