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""there is no life without's the only thing that can always be true of telling you that you're alive""

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January 6



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13 years ago

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11 years ago

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Lets see what 2 say about myself don't know *question marks popping* totally clueless.NO WAIT!!! I love anime does that count??? i love doing a lot of things that i could do ...i like exploring things that could sharpen my skills and other stuff. yeah...i know it sounds stiff and boring but whatever... people who pretends to be someone else just to look good its not good for me, i think people are at their best when they are themselves...i mean who doesn't want to be themselves and to be like the way they are... you just really need to fight,right (whatever i'm getting cornie here) the last but not the least is i'm more than meets the eye and trust me on that


i like to do a lot: to.... sports ~tennis~volleyball~soccer; intruments ~guitar~piano; draw, surf the net-O, watch, read, write, eat...


other that anime it depends ...if it would catch my attention or not...i guess. also interested in logical films like crime scenes etc.


Foreign (The Last Dance, JT must die, Music and Lyrics,Wang-ui Namja, Coyote Ugly, Craft, P. Magic, Underworld + Evo, Resident Evil, DoA, HP's, The Eye, The Ring...) Anime (OVA's, Apple Seed, Blue Seed, Bleach, FMA, FF7-AC, R. Kenshin, Naruto...)


J&K-pop: Sakura Uta-Rhythem, Dont know love-Lee Junki, Will you dance-Angela Aki...etc i also like RnB, Alternative Rock,Melodies, OPMs...

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