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"IM SO SOORY I HAVEN'T BEEN ON! I'll try to now that I'm not so busy.:-P(P.S.) I will probably never upload any videos if anyone wants to know."

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deadriku | Videos (3) | Channels (7) | Favorites (86) |
Friends (243)

Dear God, The lady reading this is beautiful, classy & strong and I love her. Help her live her life to the fullest. Please promote her and cause her to excel above expectations. Help her to shine in darkest places and love where it is impossible to love. Protect her at all times, lift her up when she needs you the most and let her know that when she walks with you, she will always be safe. (Send to all the ladies u love. I just did.) *HEARTS* to all

Posted 13 years ago

elojello10 | Videos (0) | Channels (10) | Favorites (292) |
Friends (484)

it's okay. i understand Onee-chan. i haven't been on alot lately either *sigh* what's up and i am sorry that you are sick!!!! anyways i love ya!!! ^^ get better soon!! -Ellie-chan; imputo

Posted 13 years ago

hmmmmName | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (478) |
Friends (2178)

nothin much how bout u

Posted 13 years ago

SweetAnimePrincessGurl | Videos (1) | Channels (23)

D: I hunny !!! *hugglez yew tight* I hope yew get bettah soon!

Posted 13 years ago

SweetAnimePrincessGurl | Videos (1) | Channels (23)

yuur welcome :D and just watching anime and yew ?

Posted 13 years ago

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Holy Dragon

November 5


Dragon Plateau, WI

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14 years ago

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12 years ago

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I like a lot of anime and manga but i'm still open for suggestions. Srry i'm not on here a lot. I know I get into christmas way too early but I love it. lol. Sorry if it makes you mad. Merry Christmas!


I love lots of anime, and i REALLY like ASTRONOMY!!, and dragons, i also like to read a lot (really thick books)like the Fire Star and Ice Fire and The Fire Within by Chris D' Lacy(not sure how to spell it)


Sailor Moon, Case Closed, Family Guy, Sometimes American Dad not alot though, Crossing Jordan, Charmed, Law and Order sometimes, ANIME!! i haven't watched a lot though. please tell me some good ones!


a lot of them....


lots of different stuff but i kinda really like Falll Out Boy right now...

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