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"Hot sunny days are here and fond memories of the past."

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January 9



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My favorite Manga/Anime have good characters in most have really good plots lines, OK some I like for comedy and maybe the odd romantic weep might appear in my favorite line up. I do tend to air towards hero story lines although Manga heroes were always a little dark than your average Marvel hero, even most DC comic heroes tend to be clean cut heroes. Well I'm am addicted to quality animation, I started watching Manga in the 80's so I have seen quite a lot until the advent of Pokemon which ruined Manga for me until I found Naruto which led me to Bleach. I would rate Naruto as highly as Heroes when they don't stick useless filler in, Bleach is really good though It so good it does not shame the comic in anyway unlike some series do. If anyone wonder how old I might be 30 is my present age an I wish I was not.


Manga CGI, animation in general although I do like reading cool fantasy books.


Some of my favorite TV shows are heroes, CSI, Doctor Who, Torchwood, and from the past Starfleet other Manga shows and Captain Scarlet with his Carry Grant/James Stewart style, Reboot.


Manga movies would be Fist of North Star, Apple Seed, Ninja Scroll, Wicked City any thing by the guy behind Spirited Away to name but a few.


Varied although I don't like rave or house that much, unless its suit's video or animation sequence.

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