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KanonManic | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Friends (248)


Posted 12 years ago

KanonManic | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Friends (248)

2nd season! yay i didnt hear any thing about it until now i thought the ending sucked so this is really good news thanx

Posted 12 years ago

Jap-Ani-Man | Videos (4) | Channels (0) | Favorites (3) |
Friends (44)

Soz for the late reply, but i hear that theres gona be a 2nd season of were the first left of, so that will be intersting plus it might be an alternate anding from the movie, so expect somthing like that when it comes out. ;)

Posted 12 years ago

KanonManic | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Friends (248)

ya lol thanx alot i wish clannad was drug out a bit more i loved that show

Posted 12 years ago

suzzuki2220 | Videos (1) | Channels (1) | Favorites (27) |
Friends (77)

thanx 4 the add, we were friends on thinks..good to see u here

Posted 12 years ago

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February 4


Melbourne, Victoria

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13 years ago

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Well, i just hit 20 yr's of age & im loving it, i came to Veoh from Stage 6 due to a shutdown, thow i took my time coming to this site on acount i had much important matters to run, like buying a house & getting my life sorted & all that, anyways i was also onced called neXus_Dark_Matter on Stage 6 & for a while Anti-Flager coz flaggers screw me over on my neXus account so i made Anti-Flagger & before Stage 6 was shutdown i took out alot of other flagger with the help of the F.T.F.C.(An Anti-Flagger Organisation), Anyways back to it.. um, i like the japaness culture 1 reason coz its much more unique then other cultures, fashion, art, e.t.a. ...oh, & i'll like to meet up with some more japaness people from this site my japaness is rough but im getting there but dont let that stop you from contacting me, i pretty much accept any one but if your the type who would just couse crap on others to make your self feel a little better, why dont you make like a tree & LEAVE!!, thats all, later days.


First of my real nick name is neXus Dark(Matter but it seems that there are so many neXus names on hear so ijust called my myself Jap-Ani-Man, incase ur woundering y i have neXus on my pic. Anyways i like anything Japaness, X-Box & my friends, e.t.a. :P


Kurasagi, Nabuta Wo' Produce, Rosario & Vampire, Spice & Wolf, Clannad, Bleach.


Superbad, The Siren(Japaness), Clannad: The Movie(Japaness), Cloverfield, AVP2-(could had been better thowe..).


Linkin Park, Anime-Pop, Rock (In General) H.I.M., The Used, System of a Down, e.t.a.

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