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CrimsonMoonlitStar's Videos

  • Lunar Flower Lullaby
    Lunar Flower Lullaby

    I just made this amv because I was bored and thought thesong was soothing. Hope it came out okay.

  • Hate That I Love You
    Hate That I Love You

    I made this video for my cousin, Danny. I just wanted to show him how much I care about him, although he can mak...

  • I Don't Want To Know
    I Don't Want To Know

    Again, another amv that I've had for awhile, but never uploaded. Hope that it came out okay. I made this becau...

  • Make Her Feel Good
    Make Her Feel Good

    I vid I made for my friend, I do not own the song or pictures in any way.

  • Unbalanced Kisses
    Unbalanced Kisses

    Just wanted to see how it would turn out.


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